5-on-1 reality: Bruker's range of analytical tools for SEM.

5-in-1 fantasy: Giralope.

EDS, WDS, EBSD, Micro-XRF and Micro-CT – five analysis methods for SEM from a single source.

Focused in to 40 µm.

Focused in from 400 meters.

XTrace, our micro-spot X-ray source adds Micro-XRF analysis capability to the SEM

Unrivaled speed and accuracy.

Fast and accurate.

The high-end QUANTAX EBSD system sets new standards in combined EBSD/EDS analysis.

Reveals more facets of your sample.

Sees many facets of its world.

Micro-CT for SEM visualizes the specimen’s microstructure in 2D and 3D.

Gets close to the sample.

Gets close to the petal.

Our QUANTAX EDS systems provide highest energy resolution, maximum throughput and optimum geometry.

ESPRIT 2, the only software which combines 4 microanalysis methods.

4 Techniques – 1 Workflow.

Full control and flexible combination of up to four analytical methods via a single user interface.

Pushes the limits of sensitivity.

Pushes the limits of physiology.

Our QUANTAX WDS system with the XSense spectrometer for high resolution X-ray microanalysis.